Planning a Workshop

 Find out what to expect, how to host and how to share materials with your colleagues.

What to Expect

TELE workshops are a crash course in targeted marketing for landowner outreach. Our team of professionals walks you through what it takes to craft a thoughtful targeted campaign. Over half of the workshop is spent doing hands-on exercises in small, facilitated groups. While we can create hypothetical scenarios to work through, our workshops provide the greatest help to those groups who have actual outreach or communications activities planned.
A two-day workshop is the typical structure for the training. However, we also offer a one-day option that condenses some of the material from the two-day workshop into one day. Based on feedback from groups that have experienced each one, we recommend taking the full two-days to work through our training. The old adage of the benefits of "sleeping on it" really does work - folks come back the second day refreshed and with new ideas.

Outline of 2-Day Workshops

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Targeted Marketing
  • Small Group Breakout Session: Defining Your Objectives and Desired Landowner Behaviors
  • Discussion: Landowners in Your Region
  • Small Group Breakout Session: Understanding Your Target Audience

Day 2:

  • Ideas and Strategies for Message Development
  • Small Group Breakout Session: Developing a Message Strategy and Identifying Key Channels and Materials
  • Evaluation: How Will You Know if Your Outreach Is Working?
  • Tying it All Together
  • Reporting Out: Each Group Reports on their Communication Plan
  • Wrap-Up

If you’re interested in learning more about TELE but don’t have a specific project in mind, be sure to check out our existing resources and training PowerPoint.


Or contact us with questions about an existing project.