White Oak Regeneration

TELE worked with the American Forest Foundation and the Missouri Department of Conservation to develop materials designed to get more landowners to manage their land to maintain and enhance white oak stock.

The following resources were created for the White Oak Initiative, a collaboration of government agencies, universities, nonprofits and companies that are concerned about the long-term sustainability of White Oak stands. The materials include:


This sheet summarizes the recommended outreach process for reaching landowners and shows you how and when to use all the materials in this toolkit.

White Oak Outreach Process Sheet 


We developed two trifold mailers for this project—one that specifically targets Woodland Retreat Owners and the other better suited for Multi-Use owners. The second one focuses more on the commercial value of white oak. We suggest sending both mailers to landowners, spaced about two weeks apart.

Mailer for Woodland Retreat Owners 

Mailer for Multi-Use Owners  


This is a brief form that can be used by the person who receives landowners’ calls and requests. It is designed to quickly identify landowners who have white oak and meet criteria for a high-priority response.

White Oak Intake Form 


The tracking tool is a simple database that logs all your outreach activities and landowners’ responses. It’s a great way to manage the outreach process and also generate summaries to see how well it’s going. This tracking tool is Excel format and can be edited to meet the needs of your specific project process.

Project Tracking Tool 


This one-pager describes desired management actions to promote white oak regeneration in simple terms. Foresters can bring it when visiting with interest landowners; alternatively, it can be mailed to landowners who request information about timber harvesting in general or white oak in particular.

White Oak Brochure  


For most landowners, loggers are the only point of contact with the forestry community. One of the unique aspects of our campaign was to train more loggers in oak-friendly practices. This postcard is designed to promote an online white oak training module.

Logger Postcard