Project Support

The TELE Team can provide support for your projects, big and small. From reviewing your outreach materials to landscape-scale project coordination, we can offer our insight and expertise to help your team engage landowners and achieve your landscape goals.

We are available to provide project support and work closely with individuals and groups who have been through our TELE training. By “project support” we mean more than just reviewing documents you have created. We can:

  • help you with planning  your program, right from the outset
  • attend planning meetings (remotely or in person)
  • assist in pulling together partners
  • help with the development of messages and materials
  • assist in monitoring the program and tracking results

If you are interested in this type of support, please email to begin the conversation.  

The size and scope of the project is not important, as long as you’re committed to thoughtful and planned implementation. A few examples:

  • You and your colleagues write a lot of management plans, but aren’t sure if they’re actually meeting your landowners’ needs. We can help you get landowner input on how to improve them.
  • Your watershed partnership just got funding to support purchasing easements and you need a compelling message to attract landowners. We can help you and your partners form a plan.
  • You are putting on a series of events (workshops, field days, etc.) and would like to track landowner engagement from attending an event to taking some action on the ground (getting a plan, doing a management action, etc.).  We can help you develop your message strategy and a simple evaluation system to track landowner actions.