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The purpose of your marketing materials is to get your audience's attention and touch them in a way that persuades them to take action. You may not be a copywriter or graphic designer but you can make your materials more impactful by using language that is focused, understandable, and relatable, and by using relevant and powerful imagery. Use this chapter to learn how to write for impact, how to choose imagery that supports and enhances your message, and what (free) tools you can use to create professional-looking materials. If you have the budget to work with professionals to develop your materials, the guide below tells you what to expert. Finally, we offer easy, practical ways to test your materials before sending them out into the world to do their work.

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6.1 Writing for Impact 

VIDEO: Chapter 6 Developing Materials 

6.2 Imagery to Support Your Message                                    

TIP: Crafting Credible Messages 

6.3 Useful Design Tools 

TIP: Connecting Authentically 
6.4 Working with Professionals  TIP: Images That Talk 
6.5 Testing Materials  TIP: 4 Questions for a Better Presentation 
  TIP: Choice is a Good Thing, Right? 
  TIP: Message Testing Guide