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If you don't know whom you're talking to, how will you know what they need and what you should say?

Choosing an audience segment and targeting your material to that group allows you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your outreach. This practice results in better programs, better messages, and better dissemination strategies. This chapter first explains why you should choose a core audience segment for your outreach effort and discusses different ways to understand landowner groups and types. It then discusses how you can develop a deeper understanding of your audience using the TELE Stick Person tool.

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Additional Resources:

4.1 Why Choose an Audience Segment? 

VIDEO: 4.1 Why Choose an Audience Segment? 

4.2 How to Pick a Target Audience 

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4.3 The TELE Landowner Types 

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4.4 What is an Audience Profile? 

TIP: Using the Stick Person

4.5 How to Develop an Audience Profile