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The TELE Engagement Guide outlines a new way to conceive, design, and implement outreach to landowners. In Chapter 1, we discuss the fundamental concepts and principles of the TELE method. Read the chapter and then view the videos and tips that describe each principle.

Read the Chapter  Additional Resources:
1. A New Outreach Paradigm      VIDEO: What is Targeted Marketing? 
  VIDEO: TELE Principle 1: Be specific and realistic about what you want landowners to do 
  VIDEO: TELE Principle 2: Tailor programs and messages for your core audience 
  VIDEO: TELE Principle 3: Adopt the landowners' perspective 
  VIDEO: TELE Principle 4: Give them a compelling reason to act 
  VIDEO: TELE Principle 5: Organize resources to support action 
  VIDEO: TELE Principle 6: Evaluate early and often 
  VIDEO: The Persuasion Slide