The SFFI Landowner Types (Segments)

SFFI has identified four types of landowners based on their reasons for owning woodlands (as reported in the National Woodland Owner Survey).

The Woodland Retreat Owners

WRO photoWoodland Retreat (WR) landowners place higher importance on lifestyle and amenity reasons for owning woods. They gave high (top quintile) importance ratings to one or more of the lifestyle reasons listed on the survey, but not to the two financial reasons in that list.

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The Working the Land Owners

WTL photoThe Working the Land (WTL) segment consists of landowners who assign high importance to both lifestyle and financial reasons for owning woods. When asked to rate the importance of seven listed reasons for owning woods, WTL owners' ratings were in the top quintile for at least one financial reason and one lifestyle reason.

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The Supplemental Income Owners

SI photoThe Supplemental Income (SI) owners are the opposite of Woodland Retreat  owners. They assigned high importance to one or both of the financial reasons listed on the survey, but their ratings on the amenity reasons were not within the top quintiles for the overall survey sample.

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The Uninvolved Owners

UN photoFinally, the Uninvolved (UN) owners gave relatively low importance ratings to all the reasons for owning woods.

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The figure below shows the average importance rating given by each of these segments to seven lifestyle/amenity and financial reasons for owning woods.