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These landowner profiles use data from the National Woodland Owner Survey (NWOS) conducted by the US Forest Service. They are based on a sample of 12,830 families and individuals that ownbetween 10 and 999 acres of woodland in the contiguous United States. Data was collected between 2002 and 2006 . For more information about the NWOS, visit For more information about the landowner segments shown here, please go to our explanation.

First, choose the type of profile you wish to view--overview of all woodland owners, the SFFI Landowner types or segments defined by specific behaviors. Then select the geographic area in which you are interested. You can see the parameters of each of the regions and sub-regions in the map at the right.

In order to provide meaningful data some states are combined with their neighbors to produce more reliable results. These states are marked with and asterisk * and the states included in these profiles will be listed in their title.

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