Landowner Segments

Descriptions of the TELE segments are a good starting point for getting to know the different "types" of landowners in your area. 

Note: these segments were created using the 2018 iteration of the National Woodland Owner Survey. In the past, TELE had a landowner profile named ‘Working the Land’, which we have re-named ‘Multi-use’ owners to more accurately reflect the data.

Using National Woodland Owner Survey data, TELE has identified four "types" of landowners based on their stated reasons for owing their woods. Some characteristics of landowners vary across the country, of course, but there are also significant similarities in values and perspectives. 

Woodland Retreat (WR) landowners own woods because they value woodland amenities. When asked to rate the importance of seven reasons for owning woods, they gave high importance ratings to one or more of the amenity reasons listed on the survey, but not to any of the financial reasons in that list.

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The Multi-Use (MU) segment consists of landowners who assign high importance to both woodland amenities and financial value of wooded land. They gave high importance  ratings to at least one financial reason and one amenity reason listed on the survey.

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The Supplemental Income (SI) owners are the opposite of Woodland Retreat owners. They assigned high importance to one or both of the financial reasons listed on the survey, but assigned low importance to all the amenity reasons for owning woods.

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Finally, the Uninvolved (UN) owners gave relatively low importance ratings to all the reasons for owning woods.

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