About NWOS

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The National Woodland Owner Survey (NWOS) is a part of the U.S. Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis program and is charged with conducting research that helps the conservation community better understand: who owns America's forests, why they own, what they have done with it in the past, and what they plan to do with it in the future. The NWOS is implemented by the Family Forest Research Center, a joint venture between the USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The NWOS contacts woodland owners who own at least one acre of woodland from across the country each year. 

TELE uses the NWOS data for those landowners who own at least 10 acres of woods - these are the folks who are most likely to take management and conservation action, and for whom most programs are designed. To learn more, visit the NWOS website. For questions about NWOS methods or results, contact Brett Butler.