Quabbin to Cardigan

With one project following the other, this regional network was able to take advantage of lessons learned and TELE’s six-step process to strategically target landowners.

Launched in 2003, the Quabbin-to-Cardigan Partnership (Q2C) is one of four Regional Conservation Partnerships working across state boundaries to achieve landscape conservation, stewardship, and economic development. The Partnership launched two projects in 2012, the Monadnock Conservancy Project and the Ausbon Sargent Project, to engage private landowners and encourage active forest management in the Q2C region. Both projects used TELE’s six-step process to strategically target landowners.

Some Key Takeaways

Landowner identification is time-consuming AND valuable

Personal invitations turn out landowners

Community partners are essential

Plus more in the full Case Study PDF.

Among the lessons learned from Monadnock project were that electronic invitations were not successful because they were less personalized and did not account for some landowners’ lack of technical expertise. Instead, Q2C partners found phone calls and face-to-face contact to be the most convincing channels for messaging. These insights helped the Ausbon Sargent project reach landowners more successfully.