Learn how the Hawaii CREP team has used local landowners to increase outreach capacity.

The team at the Hawaii Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) has been working hard to protect and restore Hawaii's unique ecosystems since 2009. Following a TELE workshop in 2015, the HI CREP team decided to take a new approach to engaging local landowners. Leveraging the knowledge and experience of CREP early-adopters, they developed a peer learning program that incorporates site visits, workshops, and informational case studies. Each of these elements highlight the specific actions an individual took using CREP technical and financial assistance to reach personal land management and conservation goals. 

Some Key Takeaways

Using neighbors to lead workshops helps to create a relaxed and comfortable environment

Site visits can help new landowners get to know the local environment and connect with their new landscape

Programs that require a high investment and commitment on the landowner's part also require high motivation and ongoing support

Plus more in the full Case Study PDF.

Keywords: Hawaii, peer learning, small acreage landowners, woodland retreaters, parcelization, fragmentation, invasive species

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