Rethinking Landowner Outreach

Rethinking Landowner Outreach

Effective engagement for better stewardship

Tools for Engaging Landowners Effectively (TELE) works with partner organizations  from all sectors to help them design and implement more effective programming and outreach campaigns. TELE can help you convince more landowners to adopt a desired behavior, whether that’s harvesting timber, permanently conserving land, or anything in between. We can help you connect with your audiences on a more personal and meaningful level. Most importantly, TELE tools and techniques can help you leverage your resources to successfully reach and persuade the right audiences to achieve your landscape level goals.

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About Our Workshops

About Our Workshops

See where we've been and who we've helped already. Then find out what to expect, how to host and how to share materials with your colleagues.

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Get Landowner Data

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Providing landowners in Vermont with the knowledge, tools, and resources that will allow them to better manage their land for wildlife. Read More


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Making a lasting impression: Lessons from long-running women's landowner programs

Thursday, December 6, 2pm ET / 1pm CT

Dr. Tamara Walkingstick (Arkansas’ Women Owning Woodlands Program) and Tiffany Hopkins (Oregon WOWNet) will discuss how each of their programs have successfully engaged women for more than a decade. They will share their experiences with building institutional support within the university extension system and the importance of fostering the understanding that women-focused landowner programs have positive impacts that extend far beyond acreage. Both leaders will explain how their successes have been built on passion, sensitivity to local needs, and embracing collaborative participant-driven learning.



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