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This web site is designed to help natural resource professionals engage more family forest owners in a meaningful conversation about their woods.

Most natural resource professionals know that one-on-one conversations with landowners are the best way to influence them. This is because we intuitively tailor our conversations to the knowledge level, values and style of our conversation partners. We mirror their language, reflect their values, and try to build on the common ground we share with them.

This site will help you do the same thing on a larger scale. It offers data and techniques to help you target your outreach activities to specific types of landowners. This will allow you to speak more meaningfully and persuasively to landowners, thus improving the outcomes of your outreach and yielding results like these:  

  • Of 20 people at your presentation, 15 follow up to get more information.
  • You have to close outreach for the forest stewardship program three weeks early because you've already enrolled as many landowners as you can serve.
  • Your latest ad campaign elicits requests for material from 1,000 landowners, most of whom have never contacted your organization before.

This resource has been developed by the Sustaining Family Forests Initiative (SFFI) using data from the National Woodland Owner Survey. SFFI is a collaborative of federal and state forestry and conservation agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that realize private landowners play a crucial role in sustaining and nurturing our natural resources. It is coordinated by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and the U.S. Forest Service's Family Forest Research Center.

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  • To learn more about targeted marketing
  • To understand landowner types and attitudes
  • To create a plan or to guide your team to create a plan

A New Outreach Approach

Learn how Targeted Marketing can help you make a breakthrough in your outreach efforts.

New Landowner Research

Find out about 4 types of woodland owners and how you can reach out to them most effectively.

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